Cadence Roundtable

Environmental breakdown: professional peer-support, policy and practice

Prepare your profession

As the climate is changing, so is the social contract for professionals, their membership bodies and networks.  Collective leadership is needed to tell difficult truths and prepare society for destabilisation. Cadence Roundtable can help your professional body or network to foster cultures, standards and competencies which are fit for the future.

Global warming is likely to exceed 2C within decades.  Irreversible tipping points have already been activated.  The government is being advised to prepare for potential warming of 4C, which would be catastrophic.  

The time for incremental adaptation is past.  The sooner we plan for scenarios of environmental breakdown, the more lives will be saved, the more justly we will adapt, and the more humane society will be.

The facts and scientific projections are out there (such as this from the MoD).  Individuals and think tanks (such as Chatham House) are paying them attention.  However institutions and employers are not keeping up – that’s what people who come to Cadence Roundtable are telling us. 

Many report being stonewalled by the organisations they work in.  They are unable to fulfil their professional duty to address the reality that’s unfolding because it does not fit their organisations’ short-term interests.  Some fear that raising their concerns will harm their reputation.  They experience a conspiracy of silence.

Future-proofing professional standards

Professional bodies and governments exist to uphold the public good.  As we head into an age of destabilisation, assumptions from the past are crumbling.  If our institutions are to continue to fulfil their charter, they need to renew their programmes for education, standards and continuing development. We need professional cultures and workplaces where employees feel safe to mention environmental breakdown; where transformative precautionary thinking is encouraged rather than repressed; where the wellbeing of future generations is not sacrificed to avoid discomfort in the present.

Cadence Roundtable and your institution

We invite you to advertise our events to your staff, members and associates through your bulletins and social media, and encourage them to sign up to our e-bulletin.

Furthermore we can:

  • Support individuals in your organisation in addressing advanced climate risk at work, and in enabling colleagues to do the same
  • Help your institution to develop your own strategies for change, function-by-function and throughout the professional lifecycle
  • Work with you to host a roundtable for your sector, for instance along the lines of the Cadence Conversations we regularly offer
  • Collaborate in advocating for change to government so that professionals and policy makers can fulfil their public duty in a changing climate.

Let us know how we can help your institution or network – please get in touch.