Cadence Roundtable

Environmental breakdown: professional peer-support, policy and practice


Photo by Nellia Kurme on Unsplash

In the climate and ecological emergency it is time to move the terms of policy on to new terrain. We host courageous explorations for professionals, policy makers and advocates:

  • Beyond mitigation: because impacts are coming that it is too late to mitigate
  • Beyond adaptation: because much will be lost that cannot adapt
  • Beyond resilience: because assumptions of continuity are now in question.

We are a non-profit network open to professionals who are, or have previously been, employed in government, public service or policy, whether in the public, private or third-sector.

We can help you foster your emotional resilience, professional integrity and practical leadership across three domains of influence:

  • Personal: facing the future in the company of others, in order to resolve dissonance with your role and release you for leadership where you live and work
  • Organisational: enabling your organisation or network to develop the attentive, honest and skilful culture which you and your colleagues need, and its public service now requires
  • Political: using your organisation or network’s influence to help society prepare for systemic environmental risk through informed, inclusive and collaborative policy development processes.

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