Cadence Roundtable

Environmental breakdown: professional peer-support, policy and practice

How we work

Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

We seek to curate conversations characterised by three core values. It is a condition of participation that those involved will share them.

Attentive to catastrophic risk

We are here for anyone who recognises environmental breakdown as an existential risk. We are already witnessing new forms of instability and insecurity, amplifying and compounding a range of human vulnerabilities. The stresses in global systems are growing, and there are plausible predictions of disruption and even collapse to our civilisation at global scale.

There is therefore a responsibility on governments and leaders to plan for catastrophic breakdown, and a new regime of insecurity. Planning is urgently required for managing risk and mapping alternatives in a range of potential scenarios.

Nothing must detract from our efforts to mitigate carbon emissions and reverse ecological damage. However the aim of the Cadence Roundtable is to ameliorate the risks that already face us and anticipate worst-case contingencies.


We work with psychological specialists to help each other navigate the emotional and moral journey of acceptance which this risk-consciouness brings.

If you are experiencing difficult emotions about environmental breakdown, it is because you are paying attention, and care about what you see. It is increasingly common to experience anxiety, grief, anger or distress. Such feelings are a sign of your humanity and, ironically, of good mental health.

Nonetheless it is hard to own up to these feelings, to ourselves or to others. Much of society shields itself from them in a socially-constructed taboo. However you are far from alone. With each other’s support, and that of psychological advisers, the Cadence Roundtable can help you break the silence and navigate the journey towards a reconciliation with your new awareness. In time you will see it as a gift.

Please note that participation in our activities is not, and should not be regarded as, a substitute for professional psychological help.


We are here to foster in each other the courageous and innovative leadership these times require. By engaging together in honesty and empathy, we can find new energy for change.

The Cadence Roundtable fosters new passion and purpose for public service in an age of climate risk. Through peer-mentoring, research and advocacy we seek to empower each other for new and necessary work. Together we aim to ensure that government takes up the deepest existential crisis of the 21st Century.

As the eco-psychologist Renee Lertzman puts it:

“An emotionally intelligent approach to climate leadership is one that openly acknowledges the complexity, the nuance, the pain—and then says, “You are needed, the time is now, and let’s get on with it, together.”