Cadence Roundtable

Environmental breakdown: professional peer-support, policy and practice

Peer support

The Cadence Roundtable is a catalyst for courageous climate conversations among policy makers and professionals in government, public sector organisations and NGOs. We provide several kinds of space for these to happen.

Start the conversation: We can introduce you to others who are on the same journey. Cadence Conversations offer a safe, emotionally-intelligent space for sharing understandings, feelings and responses relating to environmental breakdown in our professional life. Find out more about how we can help you start the conversation, or visit our Events page to check out forthcoming dates.

Supportive peer-review: We understand how much courage and careful judgment it takes to open debate around environmental breakdown in your organisation or profession. If you’re drafting that first report, or planning your strategy, we will be able to fix you up with others who can offer a friendly and confidential sounding board. This service will be available soon, but contact us now in case we can help already.

Common cause:  Where interest exists in a specific area of policy, practice or professional expertise, we will be able to help you build a network for mutual support, a short-term task group or an ongoing working party.  Join up as a member of the Cadence Roundtable, and let us know if you’d like to join or start a group.

We are a new organisation that seeks to be responsive to need.  If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on these pages, or do not yet have the members who can help you, you’re still welcome to make contact.  We may still be able to help or refer you to one of our partner organisations.