Cadence Roundtable

Environmental breakdown: professional peer-support, policy and practice

The Cadence Roundtable is a confidential and supportive space for anyone in government or the voluntary or private sector, who sees the need to prepare society for environmental breakdown. 

We offer peer-support for your own well-being, for your professional practice, and for the change you can lead.

As global temperatures and stresses on nature escalate, we are entering an era of unprecedented instability.  The future will be different from the past. Inherited policies, practices and cultures are inadequate to the challenges we now face. 

Even as we strive to eliminate carbon emissions and repair natural systems, it is now also critical to adapt to the consequences of delay and to prepare for the risks and uncertainties ahead.  This work will make demands on us personally, organisationally and politically. It will require emotional resilience, professional integrity and practical leadership.

The Cadence Roundtable exists to help you find those resources in yourself and others. We are a non-profit network open to professionals who are, or have been, employed in government, public service or policy, whether in the public, private or third sector.

The Cadence Roundtable offers:

  • Peer-support: Bring your questions and concerns to the surface in conversation with like-minded people
  • Innovation: Collaborate to develop new practice or drive policy change in your sector or in government
  • Consultancy: Host safe and courageous explorations in your workplace, professional network or community.

The more we can acknowledge openly and explicitly how we’re feeling about what’s going on, the more we can quickly free up a lot of that energy to be strategic, creative – all of the capacities we’re needing to unleash right now.

Renee Lertzman, eco-psychologist